You have worked hard, Lets make memories.

Celebrate your cosplay journey with stunning photos that capture your creativity and confidence; In and around San Francisco Bay Area.



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Cell phones are the common choice for taking Cosplay photos.

Getting the right photos for your cosplay followers can be challenging. That’s why we’re here to help you. We have the skills and experience to capture the images that reflect your cosplay vision and style.

  • Unsure about being in front of the camera?
  • Don't know how it works?
  •  Unsure about a location for the session?


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My Simple Process



A quick meeting is how we start things. We can meet in person, or on a call. So you can ask us your questions and we can get to know you.



 This is where the fun happens. We meet up and collaborate to create the images you need.



Together we review the images we created, select your favorites and go over options to display your work.

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Getting Fitness Photos Shouldn't Be a Hard Task!

Too many people do not let their hard work be seen or it is captured incorrectly.

Which is why we help you inspire others by helping you share your results and passion. We help you figure out all the details.

So that together we will make exceptional fitness images you can be proud to share.


HI! We (Vickie and Arron) the team here at Aaron Wilson Photography. Together we have a passion for helping create unique fitness images. We guide each client through the process from finding the right location, to what to wear and making sure every detail is just right on go day.

We pride ourselves on providing you with You need good high-quality images so that you stand out from the crowd.

We can’t wait to meet you and start your planning session!

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