Aaron and Vicky

About the team – Aaron & Vicky Wilson


About the team, Let me (Aaron) just take a second to welcome you to the site! My name is Aaron and I’m the owner of and Photographer for Aaron Wilson Photography!

I’ve been drawn to this amazingly diverse art form for most of my life. I’m lucky that I can truly say that I love what I do and feel extremely blessed. To be able to wake up every day and share my passion with the world. There’s nothing like being able to be a part of another’s success. By helping them get that perfect shot for their portfolio or business; or to be able to capture the entire atmosphere of someone’s special day. These photos will reignite the passion for years to come. It’s something I take much pride in being able to give my customers and I believe it shows through the quality and attention to detail with every photo I do.

It all started….

Starting back in high school and through advanced schooling thereafter, my love of capturing not just pictures themselves; but the moments that you want to relive forever within them really began. I became seriously invested with the whole process of preparing, shooting, and finishing the images and have worked meticulously in perfecting my craft nearly every day since. I am born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have worked many years in the Security industry and apply that to our sessions to make them as safe and secure as possible.

Vicky Wilson

Vicky also grew up here in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has worked in the retail industry and also in security. She loves “Pooh Bear” and Disney in general. Beleive it or not Vicky is actually a very shy person, until she knows you. For her birthday we always travel to Reno, NV every year (as long as a pandemic dose not cancel plans).

Check out or website

I hope that you’ve had fun checking out the site and feel more at ease for your next photo session! I try to keep the sessions light and entertaining for all those involved. This is a chance for you to take some time for yourself, embrace the creative nature of the shoot, and enjoy yourself in the process. Welcome once more to the Aaron Wilson Photography family; I’m looking forward to be working with you soon!

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