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We are your San Francisco bay area Boudoir Photographer and PinUp Photographer. We focus on these two styles of photography as they are both life changing sessions. Many clients contact us not knowing what to expect; or not sure on what type of session they would like. Some of our fitness sessions turn more into a boudoir session or a tasteful mix.

Aaron Wilson Photography

Aaron Wilson Photography – Boudoir Photographer

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A Client wrote:

My husband and I were finally getting married after 4 years of commitment. But there was just a slight problem. I wanted a special gift for him and the location. His whole family was up in San Francisco, but I wanted a more country-centered wedding. The only reason I opted for the country side was the amazing potential of photography it had. I wanted a beautiful boudoir photography scenic session for my wedding gift. My sister said I would get a good session in San Francisco. But I just was not satisfied with the idea. Then again, we had no other option and decided to book ourselves a boudoir photographer for the post wedding gift shoot. Some of our friends suggested Aaron Wilson’s photography for remarkable pictures. Since we didn’t know any other well-known photographer, we booked him (and his wife) up right away.

A Few Testimonials

Fitness photography _ crossfit

“For me a photo shoot can be a little nerve racking and scary as you don’t know what to expect. Aaron and his wife Vicky made me feel comfortable which allowed me to do my fitness and produce shots that were completely natural, candid, and my authentic self. Both are super easy to work with and professional. Looking forward to the next shoot.”

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Boudoir – Pin Up Client

Jocee W.

“The entire TEAM did an amazing job! So welcoming and inviting. They all made you feel extremely comfortable and very professional. I LOVE that they offer hair, makeup, and photography ALL in one! This made it so easy to just show up, get pampered and then photograph some amazing pics. Thank you! I highly recommend them for your next shoot. “

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Fitness & Boudoir Client

Stephanie L.

I have used Aaron Wilson Photography for several fitness and boudoir photoshoots in the past 3 years. Aaron, owner is always punctual at location sets (travels as far as Stinson Beach to San Francisco, CA), really takes the time to get positioning and shots right. He allows me to view pictures taken and edits wonderfully.
If your looking for a quality photographer who has been in the industry and passionate about what he does, Aaron is your guy!

Beautiful places

The results? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I always knew San Francisco was a beautiful place, but I have never in my dreams, seen it in the perspective Aaron Wilson portrayed it. He promised us a full shoot at my choice of locations, while suggesting some of his favorite spots as well. There was no time limit, so we could enjoy and take in the beautiful places of this city along with getting my shoot done. And the best part was, Aaron and Vicky enjoyed every moment with my sister and me.  They also captured breathtaking candid images of me.

After this, it seemed as if we have already been on our honeymoon. The experience was just awe-striking. Never in my life have I had such a fun experience with any other photography. I would highly recommend Aaron Wilson for such photography tours. You can book him for as long as you like, from 3 hours to the whole day! ~ client

The “I am not ready”

Being a Boudoir photographer has allowed us to work with many different clients.  The one thing that many clients all share is that they are “Not ready” for a session.  As a boudoir photographer I see this as some feel that they need to lose weight.  As a fitness photographer they need to gain more or tone up more muscle.  The downfall to life is that we are all aging every day. There is a point in life that when you are “ready” you will feel not ready.

As you may now be older or have had a tragic life event like an accident.  You maybe doing photos for a loved one, and that loved one is no longer here.  There really is no such thing in life as fare as being ready.  The ready time is now. Being a photographer, we say do it now and later in life if your more ready then throw away the old and use the new.  As a boudoir photographer you able to look back on youth or styles from the last session.  As a fitness photographer you can show muscle gains or the right and wrong way to work out.  With both styles you have something you can look back on and look forward too with goals.  Do not let “I’m not ready” become a insecurity and you regret it later in life.

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